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Industrial Doors Cornwall
Shutter Doors

We at SWGD-Industrial Doors can offer a range of different shutters for your business,
including security shutters and fire shutters, as well as fire curtains.

Industrial Doors Cornwall
High strength fire and security shutters which give efficient and easy access to the premises...
Shutters offer a quick and easy way to access the inside of a building, perfect for if you are looking to move goods in or out of the premises.

Shutters can be made to offer premium security for your business, with the options of security and fire shutters to protect your assets. Security shutters are perfect for anyone looking to protect their business against criminal damage and theft, with various opening mechanisms available that prevent any unwanted guests getting within your property.

Why choose our shutter doors:
Industrial Doors Cornwall Quality construction and very low maintenance
Industrial Doors Cornwall Smooth operation with compact track system
Industrial Doors Cornwall Maximise the security of your business by keeping it protected
We have a range of security shutters, fire shutters and fire curtains to protect your business.

Fire shutters are another incredible way to protect your business from damage. In the event of a fire the shutter will close automatically so that the spread of the fire is slowed, giving more time to the fire services to put out the fire before it spreads to the rest of the premises.

Fire shutters not only protect your assets but also your employees as they slowly close to ensure they do not injure anyone on closure, and they can be used along routes out of the building to ensure there is a safe passage from the property.

An alternative solution to fire shutters are fire curtains, which also help prevent the spread of fire within your business property. They take up less space that fire shutters so are ideal for where space is limited, however fire shutters offer a better all round security against intruders.

Why choose this door solution:
Industrial Doors Cornwall Maximise the security of your business by keeping it protected
Industrial Doors Cornwall Fire shutters, security shutters and fire curtains
Indistrial Doors Cornwall
Our Shutter Doors
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Fire Shutters   Fire Curtains   Security Shutters  
Slow the spread of fire inside your property,
ideal for kitchens and workshops.
  Designed to slow down the spread of fire to give fire services more time to put out the fire, minimising fire damage.   Prevent any unauthorised personnel from entering your business premises so to secure your assets.  
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